Profit from Software Ecosystems: Ecosystems, Business Models and Partnerships in the Software Industry

How software executives create successful business models and partnerships in the software industry
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Title: Profit from software ecosystems


ISBN: 3842300514

Publisher: Books on demand

Date published:

Success or failure of software companies is often determined by ecosystem strategy. This book is about how to survive and generate revenue through ecosystems and software partnerships. Topics covered in this book include: Economic foundations, value chains and business models in the software industry, Ecosystems and the available partnering models in the software industry as well as prominent examples from Google, Microsoft, SAP and others.

Key topics covered

Business models of software companies

how software executives shape their business for success, software business models and software business strategies

Partner Ecosystems and Success strategies for ecosystems

how software CEOs leverage partners for maximizing revenue of their business model

Success factors for partnerships in the software industry

how you will be successful with software partnerships

Examples for business models and partnerships from more than fifty successful software companies incl Google, Microsoft and SAP make this book a must-read. To order now click here.

Praise for this book

People from the software industry, software executives, software CEOs and academia alike favor this book.

Industry Comments:

Thomas Koulopoulos,
Founder and CEO Delphi Group ( and author of multiple bestselling books on IT and business trends, futurist, opinion leader

“The complexity and scale of the software industry is daunting. Partnering in this maze of players and relationships is like trying to climb Everest without a guide. This book is your GPS to the software ecosystem. Popp and Meyer have done a great job distilling and explaining in clear and direct terms essential principles, such as the software industry value chain, open source partnering and the many types of business models, and how all of these can be leveraged to help your business grow and thrive.  Sprinkled with relevant anecdotes and written with the insight of two industry veterans, this book is a must read for anyone trying to navigate the chaos of the software landscape!”

Franz Baljer, President of the International Association for SAP Partners and SAP alliance manager at T-Systems

This book helps people in our industrysince it provides deep insight into partnering and alliance management. We are proud that knowledge and experiences of our members have contributed to this book”.

Academia comments:

Prof. Slinger Jansen, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

"I just read "Profit from Software Ecosystems" by Karl Michael Popp and Ralf Meyer. The book provides insight into the how and why of software ecosystems, with experiences shared from large players such as SAP and Microsoft. The book provides excellent advice to industrial players who want to profit from software ecosystems, but don´t know how to. Also, the book provides interesting insights into the industry and the traditional and future roles that play a part in the software industry. It is a recommended read for any person wanting to be introduced into the world of software ecosystems."

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