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Commercial Publications

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NEW BOOK: Proceedings of the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems 2015

This book is in preparation, to be published in Q1 2016 with the ISBN 9783739218328. It contains the results from the workshop.

NEW BOOK: Open source best practices

Title: Open Source best practices

Editor: Karl Michael Popp

ISBN: 3738619096

Publisher: Books on demand

Date published:

NEW BOOK: Mergers and Acquisitions in the software industry 

Title: Mergers and Acquisitions in the software industry - Foundations of due diligence


ISBN: 3732243818

Publisher: Books on demand

Date published:

NEW BOOK: Advances in software business

The inner mechanisms of the software business like software business models, partner business and software ecosystems are explained in this book. The selection of current articles from software business research shed light on this interesting topic.

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NEW BOOK: Business models, Ecosystems and Partnerships in the Software Industry

This is THE reference if you are a professional in the software industry and you are considering to leverage ecosystems and partnerships for your success.

In its no-nonsense approach it reveals hidden goals of large software vendors with their ecosystems, tells  you how to create your own ecosysten or how you can be successful in another software vendor´s ecosystem. With examples from Microsoft´s and SAP´s ecosystem it is a great source of knowledge.

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Partnering with SAP

This is a must-have reference book if you are a SAP partner or if you are considering to partner with SAP. It has all the information about the SAP ecosystem of partners.

SAP is a very fast growing marketplace with more than 48,000 customers in 120 countries. SAP plans to aggressively grow its customer base to 100,000 by 2010. Partners are already generating billions of dollars in revenues. The question is: How can you leverage SAP for your business? This book provides answers and gives interested readers an overview of the multiple options to partner with SAP.
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Best education on the software business: my webinars



Best book on modular IP from Josef Waltl

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Best conference on the Software Business

Founded last year, this conference book is a must have for software practicioners.

Economic Theory for Ecosystems

Hal Varian is a well known source for entertaining views on economic theory facing the real world. Luckily he did that on the technology industry including the software industry and ecosystems. A recommended reading...

A Vademecum for acquisitions: Deals from hell

You can only avoid the pitfalls that you know how to avoid. This is especially true for mergers and acquisitions. Read this book and you will be better of in mergers and acquisitions.

Business model generation

one of my personal favorites about business models and workshops on business models:

Strategy and innovation that prevails

Michael Cusumano is one of the greatest minds in the software business. Here is his latest novel:

Microsoft partnerships

Michael Cusumano has written a great book about Microsoft partnerships.

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